14 December 2020

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Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol released

NHMRC has released the updated Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol. Revising the alcohol guidelines has taken four years and included an extensive review of the most recent and best available evidence on the harms and benefits of alcohol consumption. The guidelines replace the previous version issued in 2009. They will underpin policy decisions and public health messaging for many years to come.

To read the guidelines please visit www.nhmrc.gov.au/alcohol.

Ideas Grant funding outcomes released

NHMRC released the Ideas Grant funding outcomes today, Tuesday 15 December 2020, following the announcement by the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt.

CIAs and relevant RAOs were notified under strict embargo via email on Monday 30 November 2020.

In order to ensure grants can commence as scheduled from 1 January 2021, all grant offers must be accepted by the date listed in the letter of offer, Wednesday 16 December 2020, or the offer may lapse.

Please contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983 or email help@nhmrc.gov.au for further information or assistance.

Ideas Grants 2021 peer review invitations

Thank you to those researchers who nominated themselves for participation in Ideas Grants next year as part of the recent self-nomination process. Expressions of interest invitations to participate in Ideas Grants peer review in 2021 will start being sent out from NHMRC from mid-December and continue into early 2021.

2021-2024 Triennium – nominations open

Nominations are being sought from people with appropriate expertise to participate on NHMRC Council and Principal Committees for the 2021-2024 triennium.

The online nomination form and FAQs detailing NHMRC expectations of Members can be found at:

Completed nominations must be submitted online by Sunday 31 January 2021. Late and/or incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

Questions on the member nomination and selection process, not addressed in the FAQs, should be sent to nhmrc.appointments@health.gov.au.

Sapphire update - preparing for 2021 grant opportunities

Researchers are responsible for confirming that their profile data is complete and up-to-date prior to submitting an application, and/or to be considered for peer review. A summary of the key changes to a Sapphire Profile and NHMRC's recommendations for checking your profile data are available online.

NHMRC is now considering peer reviewer requirements for the 2021 grant opportunities. Please ensure you have completed your Peer Review Areas and Fields of Research within your Sapphire profile. This will assist NHMRC to identify researchers when formulating panels in the lead up to peer review. For more information please visit the Sapphire webpage.

Key application dates

Funding scheme

Applications open

Minimum data due

Applications close

MRFF International Clinical Trials Collaborations 20.2
02-Sept-20 17-Feb-21 03-Mar-21
MRFF - Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research Initiative - 2020 Childhood Cancer Research Grant Opportunity 
07-Oct-20 20-Jan-21 03-Feb-21
MRFF Preventive and Public Health Research Initiative - Maternal Health and First 2000 Days, Early Childhood, and Exercise and Nutrition Grant Opportunity
12-Oct-20 20-Jan-21 03-Feb-21
MRFF Preventive and Public Health Research Initiative - 2020 Efficient Use of Existing Medicines Grant Opportunity
12-Oct-20 20-Jan-21 03-Feb-21
Special Initiative in Human Health and Environmental Change
18-Nov-20 10-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
2021 Investigator Grants
03-Feb-21 03-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
2021 Synergy Grants
24-Feb-21 24-Mar-21 21-Apr-21
2021 Ideas Grants
10-Mar-21 07-Apr-21 05-May-21
2021 Postgraduate Scholarships
30-Jun-21 12-May-21 09-Jun-21
Development Grants
21-Apr-21 26-May-21 16-Jun-21
2021 Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants
30-Jun-21 28-Jun-21 25-Aug-21

*NB schemes are in order of opening date