Independent Research Institute Infrastructure Support Scheme (IRIISS) commenced in 2005 following an Australian Government budget decision to allocate funds for overhead infrastructure support to independent medical research institutes. No application is required for IRIISS funding.

IRIISS provides up to 20 cents for every dollar received from competitively awarded NHMRC grants. The Funding Policy details the eligibility criteria and administrative arrangements for the provision of IRIISS Funding.

For a medical research institute to be eligible to receive IRIISS funding in a particular year it must meet all of the following criteria. 

(a) The institute must be a NHMRC-accredited independent medical research institute on the annual census date of 30 June. Applications for accreditation must be lodged with the NHMRC by 31 March in order to be assessed before the census date in that year; 

(b) The institute must be managing NHMRC research funds in that particular year; 


(c) Ethics and all other clearances necessary for the NHMRC funded research attracting IRIISS funding must have been obtained and notified to the NHMRC before 30 June as IRIISS will only be paid on grants that have commenced paying.